..our memories of Roy

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My Father is Keith Sutton, 93 of Aylsham, who was a Co-Founder and Secretary of the Aylsham and District Angling Society for over 60 years, until he gave it up about around 5 years ago.
He has so many fond memories, as do I of Roy and his presence within the angling fraternity, both on and off the bank. 
Roy and Keith would speak at least fortnightly, either bankside on a match, or over the telephone had Roy alternatively ventured out with Wroxham and District, or an open match.
Dad always expected a call as Roy would be gathering reports and results to include in his Wednesday EEN article.
Dad, now isolated at home due to Covid, was truly saddened to see his daily paper populated with the news, and had let me know during our now daily telephone conversation; but we were able to turn that around to recount some joyful memories of long gone events.

Roy always helped the kids, and I was in that category (not now at 66!). He was instrumental in organising and reporting on the Junior Angling Championship in Norfolk on behalf of the Great Yarmouth Association, and often promoted us, either  Winners or Participants as "rising superstars". it was that, as well as my Father's encouragement that set the seeds for me  to carry on with the rod and line. I did to the day I left the UK. In my teenage years, now with a driving licence, I'd turned up unaccompanied one day at Potter Heigham to find he'd organised an Open match, and that bank space would be limited. He took an entry fee fiver from me, and poured the obligatory pint of mixed colour maggots, and then scrapped around in the back of his pick up to find me a bag of blackened casters (chrysalid maggot). It would be my first Open match, quite daunting considering that on the bank were the current premier league players of angling. Two or three times during the match, he appeared from behind, to mentor me to a third place spot on that inaugural event. Roy wrote a column for the Press the following week, with an account and results. I'd got a particular mention, named and accoladed as "coming within an ace of teaching his elders a lesson". I've still retained the newspaper cutting somewhere, and I can still hear his voice mouthing the words.    Paul Sutton (Aylsham and District Angling Society)